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Active Directory Services

Duration:40 Hrs

Module 1: Introduction to Active Directory Domain Infrastructure 

  1.         Overview of AD DS
  2.        Active Directory Components
  3.        Active Directory Partitions
  4.        Installing a Domain Controller

Module 2:   Active Directory Domains and Trusts

  1.         AD DS Domain Trusts
  2.        DNS Namespaces in AD DS Environments
  3.         Implementing AD DS Forest Trusts
  4.          Implementing AD DS Domains

Module 3: Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects

  1.        Managing User Accounts and Service Accounts
  2.       Managing Group Accounts   
  3.         Managing Computer Accounts
  4.        Delegating Administration   

Module 4: Managing, Implementing and Configuring Group Policy

  1.         Understanding User and Computer Policy Settings
  2.        Group Policy Processing
  3.        Managing Software with Group Policy   
  4.         Implementing Security Settings for computers 
  5.        Managing Software with Group Policy   
  6.      Folder Redirection and Scripts
  7.         Fine Grained password Policy
  8.         Configuring Group Policy Preferences
  9.         Group Policy Result and Modeling Wizard
  10.        Backuping the Group Policy

Module 5: Implementing AD DS Sites and Replication AD DS Sites

  1.         Understanding AD DS Replication
  2.        Installing Additional Domain Controller and Read Only Domain Controller
  3.        Implementing Active Directory Intra-site Replication
  4.        Implementing Inter-Site Replication
  5.        How To avoid Logon Traffic using Active Directory sites

Module -6: Implementing Virtualized Domain Controllers and Domain controller cloning

  1.         Understanding Safer Virtualization on  Domain Controller
  2.         Rapid Deployment of Domain Controller  With  AD DS Cloning
  3.        How To avoid Logon Traffic using Active Directory sites

Module7: Understanding and Managing operations Masters

  1.        Identifying the Operation Masters
  2.       Transferring Operations Masters
  3.        Seizing the Operations Masters

Module 7:  Implementing Backup and Restore

  1.         Understanding and Configuring Active Directory Recycle Bin
  2.        Backup the Active Directory Domain Services
  3.       Authoritative Restore and Non-Authoritative Restore 

Module 8: Upgrading Active Directory Domain Services

  1.         Requirements to Upgrade AD DS
  2.        Configuring Existing Domain Infrastructure For Up gradation
  3.       Upgrading Current windows Server 2008 r2 Domain Infrastructure to Windows Server 2012 Domain Infrastructure 

Student Speak

Shelton J - Madura Coats (P) Ltd


The training session on ADS 2008 was excellent and the instructor contributed very well that had driven the whole session useful and enjoyable. Objectives completely met !


The lab sessions were really good. I have done courses in different institutes, but this was my best experience. Mr.Shajahan has provided the training in such a way that i have started to love AD. Hats Off to him. 


Both the trainers (Mr. Shajahan and Mrs. Vimala) explained about the course with real time scenario, we were able to understand very easily and clarify our doubts. Good Lab Infrastructure setup and High performance workstations.  

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