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Duration :40Hrs


Data-center Virtualization is the order of the day in today\'s Cloud environment & Cisco\'s UCS blade servers are among the Top in the server space today. Demand for UCS administrators is ever increasing & RJP\'s course on Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI) is designed to serve the needs of engineers who wish to deploy Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) B-Series Blade Servers and Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers in their environments. RJP\'s DCUCI course is unique by way of its approach as it addresses the understanding of a participant totally new to the Datacenter environment. RJP Infotek aims to first equip the candidate with relevant Datacenter essentials before taking him onto the main course.


Understanding of Datacenter server system design and architecture, Familiarity with SANs, Familiarity with hypervisor technologies like VMWare Esxi.

Managing C-Series Rack Servers

  1. Implementing Firmware update
  2. Configuring CIMC
  3. Configuring network and storage connectivity
  4. Provision hard drives
  5. Installing ESXI on local hard drives
  6. Configure logging and monitoring

Managing UCS B-Series Blades & Chassis

  1. Configure B-Series LAN & SAN connectivity
  2. Understand UCS B-Series component installation
  3. Implement security in a Cisco UCS
  4. Manage software and firmware versions and upgrades in a Cisco UCS
  5. Implement backup and import for Cisco UCS database
  6. Configure logging and monitoring the methods for Cisco UCS
  7. Configure the Call Home feature in a Cisco UCS system
  8. Understand High Availability for the Fabric interconnect cluster
  9. Provision network connectivity in a Cisco UCS
  10. Provision storage sources in a Cisco UCS
  11. Provision resource pools, Policies, Service Profiles, O/S parameters in a Cisco UCS
  12. Provision the base UCS system configuration
  13. Provision virtual HBAs, VNICs and VNIC policies in a Cisco UCS
  14. Provision C-Series integration

Implement Cisco UCS server virtualization features

  1. Provision UCS integration with VmwarevCenter server
  2. Provision UCS vm-fex
  3. Provision direct path I/O

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