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Active Directory Federation Services


Module -1  Overview of Active Directory federation Services

  1.  Understanding Active Directory Federation Services Components(Account Partner, Account Federation Server, Claim Providers, Claim Provider Trust, Relying Party trust etc..)
  2.   How Active Directory Federation Services works 

Module- 2  Installing and Configuring AD FS Infrastructure

  1. Requirements to Install and Configure AD FS FARM
  2.  Build Public Key Infrastructure for AD FS FARM
  3. Understanding the types of certificates used for AD FS FARM 
  4. Installing Active Directory Federation Services Primary Server With WID Database 

Module -3  Understanding and Configuring Claim Based Authentication

  1.   Understanding Claim and Claim types
  2.   Different Types of Claim Rules
  3.  Configuring  Relying party Trust and Enable single Sign-on  ( AD RMS/Exchange/office365 Applications can be used to demonstrate practicals)
  4. Configuring Claim Provider Trust and relying party trust Between the Organization 

Module-4  ADFS Troubleshooting

  1. Configuring AD FS Fiddler trace logging
  2.  Discussing ADFS Events
  3. Understanding AD FS Audit Logs 

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