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CCNA Security

Duration : 40 Hrs


RJPs CCNA Security course in Chennai enables participants with the skills required to develop a Cisco Network Security Infrastructure, recognize and address Network Threats and Vulnerabilities and mitigate such risks. The CCNA Security Training helps Troubleshoot and monitor Cisco Switches & Routers, maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and devices. The course also helps participants understand the basics of CISCO ASA Firewall & builds a firm foundation for the Professional level CCNP Security certification.

This course is meant for aspiring Cisco Network Security professionals who wish to build careers in Network Security with the World's leading Network Vendor. If anyone is looking for good understanding of Security fundamentals & build on practically, RJP's LEAP methodology helps achieve that end.

Pre-requisite - CCNA Security

  1. Modern Network Security Threats
  2. Fundamental Principles of a Secure Network
  3. Worms, Viruses and Trojan Horses
  4. Attack Methodologies
  5. Securing Network Devices
  6. Securing Device Access and Files
  7. Privilege Levels and Role-Based CLI
  8. Monitoring Devices
  9. Using Automated Features
  10. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
  11. Purpose of AAA
  12. Configuring Local AAA
  13. Configure Server-Based AAA
  14. Implementing Firewall Technologies
  15. Access Control Lists
  16. Firewall Technologies
  17. Context-Based Access Control
  18. Zone-Based Policy Firewall
  19. Securing the Local Area Network
  20. Layer 2 Security Considerations
  21. Configuring Switch Security
  22. SPAN and RSPAN
  23. Cryptography
  24. Cryptographic Services
  25. Hashes and Digital Signatures
  26. Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
  27. Implementing Virtual Private Networks
  28. VPNs
  29. IPSec VPN Components and Operation
  30. Implementing Site-to-Site IPSec VPNs
  31. Intro to ASA Firewall

Course Goals

  1. Explain network threats, mitigation techniques, and the basics of securing a network
  2. Secure administrative access on Cisco routers
  3. Secure administrative access with AAA
  4. Implement firewall technologies to secure the network perimeter
  5. Describe LAN security considerations and implement endpoint and Layer 2 security features
  6. Describe methods for implementing data confidentiality and integrity
  7. Implement secure virtual private networks
  8. Given the security needs of an enterprise, create and implement a comprehensive security policy

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