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CCNP Route, Switch, Tshoot

Duration 140Hrs

The CCNP course is for those Network Engineers aiming to perform roles involving implementation and maintenance of Enterprise Network with Cisco Routers and Switches. The CCNP (R&S) provides in-depth understanding of Switching & Routing Protocols, Design aspects of modern Enterprise Networks and the right technical approach to trouble shooting a Network issue.

 RJP Infotek Pvt Ltd. delivers superior hands on CCNP Training in Chennai in alignment with the current job, brings immeasurable rewards to network professionals, are highly valued by managers, employers and organizations worldwide for optimizing networks too. These skills can expect to earn a premium of 9% above the rest. RJP Infotek being Cisco Authorized, our team of extolled Cisco Certified System Instructors (CCSIs) with profound industry experience provide learning services based on the unique LEAPP methodology and one can expect the best learning experience. This CCNP course in Chennai by RJP Infotek Pvt Ltd. coupled with its dedicated placement services enhances and brings closer ones career goals in an ever changing ITIS industry.

Switching (300-115)

  1. Configure and verify Layer 2 protocols CDP, LLDP, UDLD
  2. Create a VLAN based implementation plan
  3. Configure and verify VLANs  Normal, extended VLAN, voice VLAN
  4. Configure and verify Trunking  VTPv1, VTPv2, VTPv3, VTP pruning - dot1Q , Native VLAN, DTP Desirable & Auto mode
  5. Configure and verify EtherChannels  LACP, PAgP, manual
  6. Configure and verify spanning tree PVST+, RPVST+, MST - Switch priority, port priority, path cost, STP timers - PortFast,Uplinkfast, Backbonefast,BPDUguard, BPDUguardfilter Loopguard and Rootguard
  7. Configure & verify SPAN, RSPAN
  8. Configure and verify switch security features  DHCP snooping, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP inspection, Port security, Private VLAN, VACL, Storm Control, AAA with TACACS+ & RADIUS
  9. Configure & verify a L3 switch CEF, Router Ports, SVI, Inter VLAN routing

Routing (300-101)

  1. Network Principles CEF, TCP/UDP/IP concepts, ICMP, Fragmentation, TTL, MTU, NTP, DHCP, SNMP, SYSLOG
  2. Configure and verify IP SLA
  3. Configure and verify Cisco NetFlow
  4. Introduction to VRFLite
  5. Understand Routing Algorithms and differences between various Routing Protocols
  6. EIGRP Concepts, Packet Types, Feasibility condition, 3 Tables, Load Balancing, Optimizing 
  7. EIGRP metrics, EIGRP STUB Operation,
  8. EIGRP for IPv6
  9. OSPF  Understanding OSPF Basics, Packet types, tables, Single & Multi-Area operations, LSA & Router Types, Summarization, Network Types - NBMA, Broadcast & point-to-point, different Area types.
  10. Configure and verify OSPF in a Single & Multi-Area environments
  11. OSPF for IPv6
  12. LSA type 3 filtering, Policy based routing
  13. BGP  Understanding BGP basics and its purpose  When/ When not to use BGP, IBGP & EBGP, IBGP Split Horizon, IGP Synchronization& Black Hole Problem, BGP Attributes & Path selection, Peer Groups, Route Reflector&Fullmesh.
  14. Configure & Verify BGP in a Multi-AS environment with various attributes influencing path selection
  15. Redistribution - Understand, Configure and Verify redistribution between different Routing protocols, Seed Metric
  16. VPN GRE, DMVPN, Easy VPN
  17. AAA with TACACS+ & RADIUS
  18. IPv6 NAT

Trouble-shooting (300-135)

  1. Troubleshooting EIGRP
  2. Troubleshoot OSPF
  3. Troubleshoot BGP
  4. Troubleshoot routing redistribution
  5. Troubleshoot a DHCP client and server solution
  6. Troubleshoot NAT
  7. Troubleshoot first hop redundancy protocols
  8. Troubleshoot switch-to-switch connectivity for the VLAN based solution
  9. Troubleshoot loop prevention for the VLAN based solution
  10. Troubleshoot Access Ports for the VLAN based solution
  11. Troubleshoot private VLANS
  12. Troubleshoot Switch security
  13. Troubleshoot VACLs
  14. Troubleshoot switch virtual interfaces (SVIs)
  15. Troubleshoot security issues related to IOS services (i.e.NTP, HTTP, FTP etc.)

NOTE : Troubleshooting will be covered after each topic in Routing & Switching

Next Batch Starts on (20-01-2018)

Student Speak

Satish S Swamynathan - IT Solution Architect

Professor, Harvard College

This is an appreciation not just from a group of individuals but from the group that belongs to the corporate world and that too from the company like IBM following the best practices and standards in the industry.
The first mode of accepting to give a customized schedule for training is appreciable and the facilities and the promptness to carry out the promises were praiseworthy. Nevertheless the effort and the capabilities of the tutor Mr. Dhillip can take a step back from the lime light amidst of our
delayed attendance due to our work pressure. He deserves a loud applause and recognition. Apart from that we would stand supportive for any corporate training that comes our way to be directed to RJP Infotek and hope the same integrity and professionalism is followed from your end too.

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