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Microsoft Azure

Course Duration (In Hours) Timing Tentative
Microsoft Azure
Azure-Implementing 40 BOOT CAMP 04-12-2017
Azure-Implementing 40 SATURDAY 16-12-2017
Azure-Implementing 40 BOOT CAMP 18-12-2017

Microsoft Azure Training in RJP Infotek, Chennai

RJP Infotek provides the best Microsoft Azure training in Chennai with real-time practical experience. With our handful Microsoft Azure trainers and the real-time practical experience they assign you in the Microsoft Azure training which is enough for a person in Chennai who needs to get placed in a MNC. Get trained in Microsoft Azure from RJP Infotek, Chennai.

Why Azure

Faster and Quicker - Azure facilitates continuous innovation and helps in delivering Apps quicker to market. Supporting a range of OS, languages, frameworks, databases and devices, Azure helps building Apps in the way you want to with all that you already know.

Consistency - Azure being the most consistent hybrid cloud, you can build innovation hybrid apps and deploy them wherever you want to. You may distribute and analyse data seamlessly across cloud and on-premises.

Intelligence and Innovation - Azure is the cloud that helps in building data-driven, intelligent and innovative Apps. Combine the best of Microsoft and open source data, take advantage of the Azure Data Services and Artificial Intelligence to develop breakthrough Apps and create new experiences.

Common Azure Business Scenarios:

  1. Testing and Development
  2. Website Hosting
  3. Storage, Backup and Recovery
  4. Web Apps
  5. High-Performance Computing

Module 1: Introduction to Azure

Gain knowledge and overview of cloud computing, and how it has been implemented in Microsoft Azure. Learn how to work on the most commonly known Azure Portals and methods of managing Azure with Windows Powershell.

  • Cloud Technology Overview
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Portals
  • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell

Module 2: Implement and Manage Virtual Networks

Determine how to plan, implement and manage Virtual Networks, why they are essential and how to administer them post implementation.

  • Planning Virtual Networks
  • Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks
  • Configuring Connections to Virtual Networks

Module 3: Implement Virtual Machines

Get to know how to host services of Azure Virtual Machines for their users. Also explore on creating, installing and configuring VMs on different OS and Software's.

  • Introduction to IaaS Cloud Services
  • Planning Virtual Machine Workloads
  • Creating Virtual Machines

Module 4: Managing Virtual Machines

Learn to manage, configure and monitor Virtual Machines as well as Virtual Machine Disks accurately. Maintain and Monitor the whole Virtual Machine environment by ensuring security, availability and scalability.

  • Configuring Virtual Machines
  • Managing and Configuring Virtual Machine Disks
  • Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines

Module 5: Implementing Websites

You will learn to intent for website formation, covering various stages of website which includes Planning, Deploying, Configuring and Monitoring the performance of the website. Web jobs and their usage; Traffic Manager and its usage are also covered.

  • Planning for Website Deployment
  • Deploying Websites
  • Configuring Websites
  • Monitoring Websites
  • Traffic Manager
  • Managing Websites

Module 6: Planning and Implementing Storage

Learn about types of storage, how to choose/plan storage, storage accounts and affinity groups. You will also gain knowledge on how to implement BLOBs and Azure files, recovery services and backup, diagnostics, monitoring and analytics.

  • Planning Storage
  • Implementing and Managing Storage
  • Backup and Monitoring Storage

Module 7: Planning and Implementing Data Services

Know about the difference between SQL databases on-premises and Azure SQL databases. Implementation of the databases once created in Azure and understanding on the business continuity using database copy and export, self-service restore and Geo-copy are also parts of this module.

  • Data Services in Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing Azure SQL Database
  • Managing Azure SQL Database Security
  • Monitoring Azure SQL Database
  • Managing Azure SQL Database Business Continuity

Module 8: Implementing PaaS Cloud Services and Mobile Services

Get to know about Cloud services and how they analyse Virtual Machine and Website Execution Models.

  • Planning and Deploying PaaS Cloud Services
  • Configuring Cloud Services
  • Implementing Mobile Services
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics

Module 9: Implementing Content Delivery Networks and Media Services

Learn more about content delivery network and how it is implemented. Get to know more about Azure Media Services and how to handle media services in Azure.

  • Implementing Azure Content Delivery Networks
  • Publishing Content with Azure Media Services

Module 10: Implement Azure AD

Know an overview, creation and management of Azure Active Directory and on management of users within the directory. Learn about adding customer domains at multi-factor authentication and application integration.

  • Creating and Managing Azure Directories
  • Configuring Application Integration with Azure Active Directory
  • Overview of Azure Active Directory Premium

Module 11: Managing Active Directory in a Hybrid Environment

You will get to know three different ways for incorporating on-premises Active Directory with Microsoft Azure. These alternatives are placing a domain controller into Azure, implementation of directory with optional password synchronization or individual sign-on using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

  • Extending On-Premises Active Directory into Azure
  • Directory Synchronization
  • Implementing Federation

Module 12: Implementing Automation

Get to know an introduction to automation and its components. Understand on PowerShell Workflows and also on managing Automation through creation and publishing of runbooks.

  • Overview of Automation Components
  • Implementing PowerShell Workflows
  • Managing Automation

Module 13: Microsoft Azure Solutions

The last phase of Microsoft Azure gives a professional understanding of various Azure services. You will be able to use your knowledge to work on various business problem situations. The tutor will help you to come up with a draft solution for each scenario in which Azure services is used.

  • Tailspin Toys Business Systems Scenario
  • Software as a Service Scenario

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